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Eva Rees

Why Life Coaching?

Eva ReesParenting three children, teaching music for 12 years, teaching school for 20 years, directing musicals and dramas for six, mentoring home school families through a home schooling program, and leading womens small group studies. What do all of these have in common? All of them involved coaching, mentoring, and partnering with people to reach within themselves and find their best!! What could be more natural than to choose a new career in which I have a lifetime of experiences from which to draw and find just the right tools to help a client?

Personal Interests:

When talking about my personal interests, the word eclectic is a perfect descriptor. I love attending a Friday night home team hockey game/basketball game/football game; on Saturday night something at the Performing Arts Center. Not daring by nature, I can be cajoled into trying most anything once (except bunging jumping and scuba diving). I am a veracious reader enjoying everything from English novels to present day mysteries. I love having my community of women for spiritual growth that meet regularly for support and encouragement. At this stage of life, I find Grand parenting is a gift and I an enjoying spending more and more time in this new role. Lastly, I have joined my husband on this insane quest to master the game of Golf. While everyone knows it isnt possible, just one or two great hits a game keep the addiction alive to try again another day.

Educational Background and Professional background:

  • I grew up in Houston, Texas and studied music at Baylor University.
  • I met my Air Force husband and spent the next years raising a family and moving regularly.
  • After retiring from the Air Force we settled in Southern California where I returned to school and received my BA in English from California Baptist University.

Unique Adventures:

Eva ReesBeing married to an Air Force pilot, by definition, is an adventure in itself. Living in Bangkok, Thailand with three small children; being on the Gulf of Siam with the children in a very small boat during a rather large sudden squall was also an adventure that found me being on intimate terms with God: “Please save us.”  He did. But, like Phil, I feel our most unique adventure was the decision to move and teach on the North Slope of Alaska; the country, hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle is a frozen desert. Adapting to Eskimo culture, developing ways to teach children in their unique environment, finding new adventures and ways to keep life rich in an extremely remote part of the world were a few of the challenges that were presented to us. Challenging and stretching for us? Oh yes!! But certainly an adventure that few people experience or perhaps should I say, even want to experience. We are now settled back into normal life in Anchorage, Alaska. But now our challenges and adventures are found in each new client; their stories, their desires, and their needs to make some change or adjustment in their lives. It doesnt get any better than this; to partner with someone to make a powerful change in their life.