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Jill Rees

Jill Rees“Jill is one of the greatest listeners I know.”

Coaching Specialties

I coach with great enthusiasm and pride myself with being able to bring out the best in people. I have a great sense of humor and coach with a playfulness that makes it easy to connect and relate with serious subject matters such as navigating lifes transitions and developing your authentic leadership capacities. I lean on my experience as a licensed clinical psychologist to help you create and achieve goals that reflect the values and desires of your true self.

Educational Background

In high school, I dreamed about playing collegiate level basketball. This pursuit eventually led her to the Bay Area where I played Division II basketball and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science at California State University, Sonoma. After several years away from college and several seasons of club rugby and travel, I eventually returned to academic pursuits in the field of Psychology where I earned both my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Meridian University in Petaluma, California.

Certifications and Licenses

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in California where I specialize in working with teens and their families. My work as a life coach is supported by her membership with the International Coaching Federation. I also am an AFFA Certified Personal Trainer and have maintained a small business of training clients for over ten years. This work now melds very well with life coaching.

Jill Rees as a childI began coaching at age 5 when I actively coached and facilitated my older brothers birthday party in games and teambuilding activities. Pictured to the right shows me preparing the agenda for his birthday party. Since that early age, I developed natural leadership abilities in a variety of settings including athletics, academics, and the arts.

Work Experience

Jill ReesThroughout my life, my call to coaching has been evident in almost every occupational pursuit I have followed. In my early twenties, I coached junior high and high school basketball where I worked hard to coach both girls and boys in the art of teamwork, excellence, and balance. I spent a number of years working in both in-patient and out-patient physical therapy settings where I coached patients with a wide range of injuries and surgeries through their rehabilitation. This work required astute problem solving skills, empathy, and a love for helping people propel themselves through the physical, emotional, and psychological healing process.

Most recently, I have worked at a non profit agency in Northern California where I am the clinical director for the residentially based services for teenagers and their families. My 10 years of residential therapeutic work with severely emotionally disturbed teens and their families has equipped me well to help each of you to find your unique strengths and capacities in the midst of extreme challenges. My passion for this work emanates from my belief in the souls resilient ability to bounce back from adversity and courageously forge a life of its own. I view these clients as particularly courageous. I bring this spirit of optimism to my work in coaching clients through transitional phases of life such as career change, divorce, death, and illness.

Unique Adventures

Jill Rees Unique AdventuresFor more than a decade, I have been the lead trainer for Four Winds INC, a teambuilding and leadership training company that utilizes a challenge ropes course as its primary tool. Working with people on a challenge course is a rich and rewarding work. Its an honor to facilitate people as they face and overcome their doubts and fears to accomplish a goal. Based in Northern California, my work at Four Winds INC has enabled me to work directly with a wide range of clients including a number of Internet Technology and Fortune 500 firms and their executives. Each year, I train the Four Winds staff members in an intensive 13 day leadership training that emphasizes transformation, insight, and facilitation. I use a Socratic style of facilitation, which challenges each client to go beyond their perceived limits, explore their unique strengths, and claim these new capacities as their own in a fully empowered and embodied way.