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Phil Rees

 Phil Rees

Why Life Coaching?

After completing three careers, I asked myself, “What am I good at and what am I passionate about?” Helping people was the simple answer. Sometimes it was a couple that was having problems and Eva and I came along side to help them through it; or a co-worker who was going through deep waters of divorce or job loss, I seem to be the one people talked to. Whether I was teaching someone to fly a jet aircraft or make a three point shot in basketball, I have coached others most of my life.

  • As an instructor pilot in the USAF
  • As a high school basketball coach
  • As a high school principal
  • As a life coach in my church

These four areas are but a sampling of areas where I excelled as an encouragement to others. Specifically I specialize in business, couples, life-balance, and transition coaching.

Professional Background:

  • BA Psychology, MA Counseling and Guidance
  • Certified Life Coach ICF and CCN
  • USAF Pilot (21 years)
  • Principal (20 years)
  • Pastor (2 years)

Military Background:

I served 21 years in the USAF as a navigator and pilot, retiring as a Lt. Col.

  • Instructor pilot in T37s
  • Pilot of B 52s
  • Forward Air Controller in Viet Nam
  • I finished my career as the Chief of Command and Control of the 15th Air Force Command Post.

Educational Background

  • I grew up in Southern California. I earned my BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona; I obtained my MA in Counseling and Guidance from the University of North Dakota.
  • I spent 20 years in education as a teacher and an administrator.
  • After five years of teaching in California’s Alternative education, my wife and I “sold it all” and moved to Alaska for an adventure. I worked as a principal, Eva as a teacher in the Alaskan Bush for 10 years. (Bush Alaska refers to small villages that can only be reached via airplane or water. There are no roads.)
  • Keeping and running a dog team, being a member of a whaling crew in Point Hope, AK; these are a few of the activities that made life an adventure!

Personal Life


My wife, Eva, is my best friend and love. Partnering with me through many moves and assignments in the Air Force, from Bangkok, Thailand to being a single parent while I was deployed, has been a priceless gift. It is our strong relationship and our myriad of life experiences that give us the tools to powerfully coach as a couple with credibility and integrity. We have three grown children who have given us six fabulous (of course!) grandchildren. In this transient culture, we are fortunate enough to have all but one live with us in Anchorage.


I enjoy all sports (never met one I didn’t like) and have played most of them except my favorite sport, hockey. Presently, I am concentrating on Golf—the most fulfilling and frustrating sport of them all!

Unique Adventures

Military: Being part of a covert operation while we were in Bangkok, Thailand was a highlight of my military career.
Education: Teaching in bush Alaska in an Eskimo village is one of the greatest adventures anyone could ever have.

Whale watch Point Hope, Alaska

When we sold our house, really everything, and mailed the rest to Alaska, my wife and I called it our “midlife crisis adventure TOGETHER.” It was not an understatement.

Adapting to village life on the North Slope (that is beach front property on the Arctic Ocean), its culture, the darkness in the winter, shipping food in for an entire semester, and so much more, we found new ways to make life rich. It included developing a recreational dog team and taking them out for runs and one race. Whaling is a rich tradition in Point Hope and I was invited to be a part of a whaling crew; that is quite an honor. For three years, we chased the bowhead whale every spring and were successful each year.