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Is Time Your Master or Servant?

How often do we feel like Time is our master?  Wouldn’t it be better if we were the master of time and time were our servant?

Do you know the number one reason people put off making the decision to take control of their time?  It all has to do with TIME.

They say, “I don’t have time to do the work that it would require.” Really?

If that is your excuse, then you are essentially saying that life runs you and you aren’t important enough to take the time to make a better you.

Each of us gets the same gift of Time every day: 24 hours. Time always comes to you packaged as Now.

To make full use of time, you must make full use of Now.

If you put your desires and dreams off until later — when you think you will have time, Time will keep the fruits of those desires and dreams always out of reach.

With time working for you, any dream can become real, any goal can be reached. The Time you must work with is Now, and in the Now is the seed for the best you can imagine.

A coach can get you started making that desired change in your life. But the decision to invest in yourself for positive change in the Now is up to you. What will be your choice? Now or later?


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Welcome to Summit Life Coaching’s updated website and blog!  This area will be the place to find news, updates and other information related to life coaching.