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Business Coaching

Business Coaching
  • Are you thinking, “How can business coaching help my company?
  • Are you dealing with difficult issues in your company?
  • Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Like going to the doctor, sometimes we go because we “just don’t feel good” and need a doctor to pinpoint the problem.  Other times we go because we know the problem—sprained ankle—and we need someone to fix it.

Consulting with a Business Coach is a little like going to the doctor.  Sometimes we go because “something is wrong” and we need someone who is able to diagnose the unknown problem or to find a solution to the already discovered problem in the business.

Summit Life Coaching and Consulting can custom design a plan to fit the particular needs of your business.

Take a moment to browse a few of our most requested services.

Strategic Planning:

Goals & Strategic PlanningEven though the term Strategic Planning varies greatly in its definition as well as it usage, it is of primary importance when considering the future of your company.  Summit Life Coaching helps you think strategically for the long term and tactically for the shorter term.  When we partner with you, we insure that your mission and vision are up to date, clear, and useful.  We make sure everyone is on the same bus and heading in the same direction.

We use SWOT Analysis to help identify your strengths, address your weaknesses, maximize your opportunities, and eliminate the threats to your business.

Management Strategy:

We help businesses to refine and reinforce their business plan strategy.  We do this through the use of Organization Charts and Job Descriptions.  Employees who know where they fit and what is expected of their job performance are more productive and have higher job satisfaction.  We facilitate when needed and mediate when necessary.

Let Summit Life Coaching clarify your management strategy and clearly articulate it to your company.

Personal Employee Coaching (PEC):

Why would I want to spend money to hire a Personal Employee Coach?

This aspect of Business Coaching is our newest resource and it is making a great difference for both small and large companies in the following areas:

  • Employee retention
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased profitability

As a business, you hire personnel for specific skills.  A talented employee who has personal issues can become a liability instead of an asset for which they were hired.  Offering a Personal Employee Coaching as a perk from your company, does more than eliminate the liability factor.

  • It creates an employee who feels valued as a person.
  • It creates higher profitability for the company from every valued employee.
  • It creates loyalty to your company because you care beyond the workplace.
  • It creates higher productivity from a loyal employee.
  • It creates integrity in terms of sick days and tardiness.
  • It increases higher retention of the best.

Another aspect of PEC is employee coaching for professional development.  Research has found that companies that include coaching as part of their training increase productivity significantly.  The International Personnel Management Association found that productivity increased 88% in one case when coaching was included in their training program.

Research continues to show that retention of the best employees is based on job satisfaction and their perception that they are valued for the contribution they make to the company.  It is not based on the size of the salary.

Retreats and Seminars:

Summit Life Coaching is your premier choice for retreats/seminars.   Whether it is team building, sharpening interpersonal skills, or refocusing on common goals, Summit Life Coaching/Consulting will personalize a program to fit your needs.

We bring over ten years of experience to the table when we plan your retreat/seminar.

Give us your desired outcomes and we will use our resources to make your company’s retreat/seminar experience more than meet your expectations.

Teamwork - Retreats & Seminars

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