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Life Balance Coaching

Working with a Life Balance Coach will make the difference in your life between just surviving or thriving.

Professional Life Balance Coaching

If your profession consumes all your time and energy—if you feel your life is out of balance, isn’t it time to consider a coach… Read more about Professional Life Balance

Personal Life Balance Coaching

Life BalanceAre people and circumstances dictating the day to day of your personal life? Are you living Life or does Life have you by the throat and you feel helpless to change?

If so, you know your personal life is out of balance. If this describes you, partner with a Life Balance coach who will help you find perspective, prioritize your life, draw boundaries, and make a plan that you desire for your life. Each of us knows inside what is truly important. However, it often takes another person to come along side to draw our dreams out; to give direction; and lend support.

Families/Children/Teens Coaching

Father & SonTwo working parents, multiple activities of children, division between parents and teens, and a list of obligations that never ends. No wonder families are out of balance. The expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees,“ is ever so true in the home of today. Our heads are down, just trying to get to the end of the day; never mind looking up to where we are headed.

If this describes how you feel, a Life Balance coach can help. A coach offers you an objective view, a new perspective, a sounding board, a place to reflect and renew your vision for what you want for your family. A coach will work with you to make a plan and then partner with you to work that plan. Contact us for a complimentary session and discover how your family life can improve.

Young Adults (still at home) Coaching

No vision, no desire, no ambition to move into adulthood; these describe a new phenomenon of the 21st century. It has been dubbed “Failure to Launch.”

What can be done about it is the question of today’s parents. There are no easy answers or quick fixes. However, working with a coach to help you get your son or daughter motivated and prepared to launch into adulthood would be a wise and courageous first step. At Summit we help you with the task by working with your young person on a one to one basis. We also work with parents to ensure they are not enabling their young adults.

This action normally has two coincidental steps:

  • A coach works with parents to make a plan and then work the plan to transition the young adults to independence.
  • A coach motivates: The grass must look greener out in the world than in the parents home.
  • An outside source, such as a coach, has the ability to help both the young adult and the parents to move forward to independence. Most importantly, a coach creates the desire in the young adult to launch out on their own.

An outside source, such as a coach, has the ability to help the young adult and the parents to see into their future and set their goals. Most importantly, a coach creates the desire in the young adult to launch out on their own. Contact us for a complimentary session and discuss how this might work in your family.