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Transition Coaching

The journey through an uncharted path of job loss/change, relocation, divorce, or grief from the loss of a loved one can be long and arduous for any individual.

How can a Transition Coach benefit you?

  • A coach will counsel, guide, encourage, and challenge you to move forward during this change.
  • A coach will insure that that you will make a healthy transition to the next step or phase of life.
  • Partnering with a coach can be the best investment one can make.
  • Your future success depends on how you manage this crisis time.
 Transition Coaching

Job Loss/Change Coaching

Job transition wears many hats. The type of job transition often dictates the approach used in coaching. If you were recently fired or laid off, the approach for coaching is totally different than for someone who is job hunting while still working their present job.

How will a coach benefit you in your job loss/change?

  • A coach can give an objective set of eyes to help you explore your skills and weaknesses, determine your passion, and motivate you to move forward with courage.
  • A coach may introduce you to new job opportunities that you have not before considered.
  • Your coach does not need to be an expert in your field in order to give support and guidance as you transition from one job to another.


 Relocation Moving to another city or town can be quite traumatic, especially if not all of the family is in support of the move. Drastic moves from one region or climate to another are not an easy adjustment, especially for the family members not involved in the job transition. Why not do everything you can to insure a positive relocation?

How will a coach benefit you in this relocation?

  • A coach works with the entire family to embrace the move and the unique challenges it presents.
  • Working with a coach will shorten or eliminate the negative attitudes and talk that always surround a difficult move.
  • Working with someone who can diffuse the negatives will shorten the time of adjustment and hasten the time when the family can embrace the positives of the new location.


Divorce CoachingTransitioning from being married to being single is painful, often filled with feelings of shame, remorse, and failure. Reasons for divorce are many, but the results are often the same; broken families and broken hearts. Sometimes divorce seems to come suddenly, out of nowhere. But the truth is that the divorce took a long time to manifest itself. Subsequently, recovering from a divorce often takes a long time with periods of depression and lack of self-worth.  Sometimes you may even feel like a failure.

How will a coach benefit you through the divorce ordeal?

  • A coach will help you make a healthy transition and shorten your recovery time.
  • A coach will give counsel: listen when you need to be heard; advise and encourage.
  • A coach will help you make a plan for your future, helping you decide when to take the next steps.
  • Using a coach to help negotiate this journey is a wise and courageous decision.

Grief and Loss

Grief & LossTransitioning through a time of grief and loss is painfully difficult in the best of circumstances. Losing someone you love is like losing a part of yourself.

Sometimes you are the matriarch or patriarch of the family; you have no one in which to confide and grieve because you are the one to whom everyone else looks to for support. Allow a coach to share and ease this difficult time of letting go and move forward with a future and a hope.

How will a coach benefit you during this loss?

  • A coach cannot take away your pain or your loss.
  • A coach can help you walk through your grief in the healthiest way possible.
  • Even when family and friends give support, we still need another person to provide objectivity; a coach will listen and give counsel with compassion.
  • A coach will allow you the time needed to navigate the road to grief recovery.
  • When you are ready, a coach will support you as you discover and plan a positive path for your future.